amazing card tricks

(magic ) some times its incredible some time not so much but this s going to blow your mind :0 how you say i say get a pack of cards and  (maybe) a spelling book the trick i’m going to show you is the spelling card trick first you get nine cards and lays them out in packs of three and make sure you know the bottem card of each pack . you get a person and ask them which pack they want ” pack three please ” they say then you put one and two into one so it will make pack of six then and the pack they ask for you will show them the bottem card and you put the pack on the top then spell out the card like if the card is a six of diamonds you say s-i-x drop the rest of the cards on then spell out o-f  and each letter you will drop a card and do the same for the rest then after you do diamond you spell out magic and on c flip the card over and it will be the card .


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